Tooth cleaning tools are in use since ancient times in primitive forms before advent of toothbrush. Manual toothbrush was introduced long time back and is still used worldwide by a massive population of various ages to clean their teeth. Worldwide dental care industry has progressed at a rapid pace because dental care products including toothbrushes are consumer products for daily use and have exceedingly high demand. A normal manual toothbrush is recommended for replacement once in every three months because its bristles distort specifically designed shape and lose effectiveness. Brushing with toothbrush having damaged bristles can damage your teeth and gums.


Selecting an electric toothbrush

Dental care is an important issue and most emphasis is laid on type of toothpaste and toothbrush you use for cleaning your teeth. The toothbrush plays a significant role in dental and gums health. When you select a toothbrush, you should focus more on its bristles which are important components for cleaning. Buying an electric toothbrush is looked from different perspective. Although bristles are very important but this is not the major consideration in this advance and expensive toothbrush. The manufacturing companies always provide best bristles in their products. However, you can focus on material and design of bristles. Technology is one of the most important factors in selecting an electric toothbrush.

Sonic electric toothbrush

Oscillating and sonic are two common technologies used in manufacture of electric toothbrushes in the contemporary time. Why we choose the electric toothbrush? People buy this brush for effective dental care and to ensure that teeth cleaning is performed in timed manner and with gentle pressure on teeth. These aspects are ensured in this powered toothbrush. schallzahnbürste test provides that sonic technology is quite effective for through cleaning within deeper parts of teeth near its roots, the benefits you can’t even avail with oscillating technology. Thus, Schallzahnbürsteis deemedas the best toothbrush among all available forms.