Are you planning your trip to Australia this time? If yes, then you should be knowing about Visa rules for entering the country. A visa is stamped on the passport of an individual who is not a resident of the country. You should therefore have a valid passport authorized by your Country in order to apply for the Visa of another country. The same applies for Australia as well. Australia allows people of other nationalities enter on basis of Visa which can be applied on a normal course or an ETA.

Australian visa needs to be followed up as the process which may take up weeks. Also the entire process would be regulated and you may need to visit the Visa authorities in this process. If you are planning for a short trip which can be like visiting as tourist or a business trip, Australian government has allowed an exemption to certain country people to apply for Australia eta.ETA stands for Electronic travel Authority which is faster in terms of clearance and many people opt for it. You should however apply for that as well in advance so that you need not to face any last minute problems.

Applying Visa is a normal process and once it is approved you are eligible to visit the destination country. There is an expiration date which is present in your Visa and you should be following that always. In case your Visa is expired the process to get it renewed might be tough so best is to follow the timing of your Visa. People who are applying for ETA visa should also be clear on the rules and regulation which applies same to each and every visa holder. Visit Australia with a valid and proper Visa and enjoy your stay there.