When a person is sleeping on his sides, then it is usually considered to be a good seeping position. This position will be maintaining the alignment of your spine and can ease off the pressure that is created on your back. This is especially good for flow of nutrient as well as blood throughout your body. The problem here is that less area of your body will be in contact with the mattress and hence there will be a lot of pressure on your hip and shoulder. You need to get mattresses from my sleepy ferret to avoid problems.

Ideal firmness

You should not buy yourself a mattress which is too hard for your body. The hardness of the mattress, should be in proportion to your weight and height. You need to get a mattress for yourself which keeps the alignment of your spine proper.


Surface and core

Most of the good mattresses, have cores which have been designed to take the pressure off the shoulder and hip regions. The design of the mattress should of course be ergonomic in nature to suit your health as well as comfort levels. You can get the best of mattresses from http://www.mysleepyferret.com.

Outer layer

The exterior of the mattress, needs to be soft in nature. The kind of coziness that this layer provides, will aid your immensely to have a great night’s sleep. The soft layers can be further enhanced by the use of the mattress protector.


Other than the mattress, having the proper kind of pillow is also really important for your body as well as sleep. The pillow, should be able to hold up your head in the correct position. The various contoured pillows are ideal for your head. You can get the best kind of sleep by getting the mattress from a reputed company like mysleepyferret.com.