Every Bluetooth speaker comes with the basic feature. As the technology is advancing on a daily basis a lot of new features are now incorporated in the Bluetooth speaker for increasing the convenience of the speaker. With every additional feature, you may have to pay some extra amount but it is worth everything because it will make the things more sorted.


Important features to look in latest Bluetooth speaker


  • Pairing multiple speakers: Always look for the Bluetooth speakers which can easily amplify the listening experience and can easily pair up directly. So whenever you feel the need of sharing any audio with more than one person or a group then you can easily switch to the outdoor settings as it will help the sound to travel.


  • Speakerphone: In Bluetoothspeakers, you can also get a feature of speakerphone that will allow you to take or receive calls and talk. So it provides another layer of portability and convenience and this is the perfect feature that can help you to manage conference call anytime of the day.


  • Charging the device: When you will not be near to the electrical outlet you can easily charge the device using the portable speakers. All you have to do is use the power of the battery present in the speaker and it will come with the USB port which will be built in that will enable you to easily plug it with the charger.


  • Voice control: You can easily connect Bluetoothlautsprecher test with the voice assistant so that you can easily stream music by using the mobile device where you will be having your own personal assistant.


These are the key features that you should be looking for in any bluetooth lautsprecher. But make sure that you are opting for a better quality Bluetooth lautsprechertestsieger because it will enhance your whole experience of listening to music.