Games are one source of entertainment and can be a good physical exercise depending on the game person is opting out for. These are there for generations and people have played them for leisure and fun. This is however the age of advancement in terms of technology. It has been earmarked in growth of digital technology which no country in planet is untouched of. Games have also changed their platforms now. We can find online games which people all over the world are continuously playing. Some of the traditional games like poker, domino have also taken their turn and transformed to a digital medium.

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Normal games in traditional terms is no longer being adapted by current generation. In case of gambling only now people have an option to sit in front of their laptop and gamble online. They can also play their favorite games such as adu q, bandar sakong etc. This is more convenient for them and also the amount of money played here is same as any casino. This is one of the reason online games are getting more and more popular. Also we see company have already seen this change of preferences and therefore see game provider such as Microsoft, NVidia already in this category.

There is new social media trend of playing games online using their sites. This is also gaining popularity and you would have also received a notification in sometime for this. Going by pros and cons there are not much to be said as we have a generation which is already addicted to these games and hence going forward would be the deciding factor of all the games. In case you have never tried your hands in gambling here is an online game with the name of bandar q where you can try and review.