Hair straightening is a form of hair styling that has become very popular over the years. Most celebrities prefer the straightened hair look which has promoted the style. Most women find hair straightening a good option to give a new look to themselves. Different online websites like can give information on the several types of hair straightening and their benefits.

Permanent hair straightening

This type of straightening is done using relaxers. Its benefits are as follows –

  • The process smoothens the cuticles that give a very shiny look to the hair.
  • This form of straightening allows several options for styling the hair.
  • The hair gets straightened permanently. The new hair that comes out from the roots after the straightening sty normal.

Semi-permanent hair straightening

This type of straightening is done by treatment with keratin. Its advantages are as follows –

  • The keratin used helps it making hair shiny and retain colour if used on colored hair.
  • Hair can be kept both straight and curly with a frizz free look.
  • The straightening stays only for three months approximately, so, in case on gets bored with the style, it can be changed after few months.
  • Treatment with keratin helps to improve the hair quality. Portals like propaganda hair group promote keratin treatment due to its various advantages on hair.

Temporary hair straightening

This form of straightening is done by flat irons or blow drying. Its benefits are as follows –

  • There are options for variety of styling as the treatment is temporary.
  • The hair gets additional volume and shine.
  • The smooth straight effect lasts only till the hair is shampooed.

Since hair straightening is a very popular form of hairstyling, ladies can check out its details from websites like before taking the decision about the type of straightening that will be appropriate.