For die hard gamers, audio is as important as the video.  Therefore, gamers make sure they get the best gaming headset which can enhance the gaming experience.

Quality of voice is one of the most important factors while selecting the best headsets. They make sure that user gets the best hearing experience through them. There are many headsets which offer looks but poor audio quality while there are some with both the qualities, we search for the latter.

best gaming headset

Introduction to well-known audio headsets:

Hyper X Cloud II

Kingston Hyper X Cloud II is amongst the best wireless gaming headsets which offer best audio quality while coming in the range easily. It costs around $100 package. The headsets are constructed out of Aluminium which creates a comfortable clamp force. It comes up with detachable mic, USB and sound card. You have two options to choose for the cover. One is velour and another is leatherette.

If you want a budget score then removing USB connectivity and velour, the headsets would cost around $59 which is quite pocket-friendly.

Sennheiser Game Zero

Achieving the better audiophile which is quite difficult to obtain and high quality microphone, it provides better experience when compared to Cloud II

SteelSeries Siberia 800

These wireless cables have given a hot shot to the cables. You can choose this headset for audio quality and rarity these headsets have swappable batteries and everything required for gaming propose.

There are other headphones out there, but we have pinpointed few of the best ever headphones which a hard core gamer must carry along for best gaming experience.

Like in Player Unknown Battlegrounds, communication and hearing footsteps is the main requirement which should be clear enough to have the ultimate gaming experience. Therefore, we are required to consider the gaming headset; it’s a huge advantage to multi players games.