Brain exercise is the best way to boost your brain power and to improve your mental flexibility. Solving crossword and getting correct crossword puzzle answers is the craze of many people because this is the brain game that you can play individually or with your family or friends. It is a type of mental yoga that provides the benefits of brain power boosting. Like you feel relaxed with yoga, your brain feels relaxed with crossword solving. The practice of crossword solving makes you conversant with tricks of puzzle solving and your brain gets used to for cracking many other types of brain games. Crossword may seem difficult to start with but as you gain solving skills, you find it easy and more interesting.

Tips and tricks of crossword solving

There are tips and tricks to solve crossword puzzle. If you know these secrets, crossword may be easy and more interesting for you. Most participants in crossword quiz use tips and tricks to arrive at crossword quiz answers. It is obvious that no one can be too intelligent to know all answers. The clues provided for the crossword may help to some extent to get the correct answers. Some clues may be simple and some others may be complex to understand, but this is one of the ways to use in crossword solving. Always start with easy answers because filling grids with easy answers may help to find difficult answers with less blank grids left. Never jump to conclusions but think meticulously for unrelated meanings before filling the answers. Never give up until you’re not able to find few words for unattended crossword questions. You can make use of crossword puzzle solver for help that can be obtained online.


Cracking crossword is not as difficult as you think provided right strategy is followed. Once you understand the strategy, crossword may be a child’s play and an interest will be generated in its play.