Brushing is a normal piece of our way of life. It is compulsory to begin the day with brushing. We used to brush with the assistance of manual tooth brush yet these days science and innovation developing on general premise and made a toothbrush which works at electric vitality. Elektrische zahnbürste is another well known pattern which is utilized by a large number of individuals.  Using it is very simple, hold it at 45 degree point against the tooth inside which is the Molars and Pre-Molars, and gradually from within mouth to the frontal side for 30 seconds. At that point proceed onward to the rear and does it for 30 seconds .Then go ahead the upper part. The procedure ought to be improved and performed 2 minutes and it would satisfactorily clean the teeth. Elektrische zahnbürste test shows that it is more useful than manual toothbrush if used properly.

elektrische zahnbürste


  • Doesn’t need to keep the brush in mouth for way too long.
  • Need not to brush too long.
  • Easy and proper storage.
  • Needs less effort.
  • Remove 30% plaque more than manual tooth brush.
  • Has changeable tooth brush head.
  • Has external battery display.
  • Multiple people can use by exchanging the tooth head.
  • During use it automatically pauses after some time to suggest the particular part for cleaning is enough.
  • It has indicator to suggest being gentle. Excessive pressure may harm the teeth.
  • It comes in different colors.

Elektrische zahnbürste has Different Modes:

The more better the elektrische zahnbürste the more the better results. Hence it is adviced to use the best elektrische zahnbürste. The beste elektrische zahnbürste has different modes such as:

  • Regular General Cleaning Mode
  • Sensitivity Mode
  • Gum Massage Mode
  • Polishing Mode

The Price of Elektrische zahnbürste:

Price range varies from $25 to $160. The more the features the more expensive the brushes are gonna be. The expensive once got higher RPM and are able to remove more plaque. Beste elektrische zahnbürste as suggested by many of the dentists are Oral-B Pro 1000, Philips Sonicare Flexcare Elektrische zahnbürste, Foreo ISSA 2 Elektrische zahnbürste are some more demanding.