Australia is the sixth largest country in the world. It is also a separate continent. Its beautiful landscape and diverse cultures makes people to travel to Australia. People can travel to Australia without visa provided they obtain Australia eta.

What is an ETA and who needs it?

ETAis an electronic travel authorization for people to enter Australia. It is required for any visa exempt foreign nationals travelling to Australia. With the Australia eta service, one can travel to Australia without having a visa. The following applicants need Australia ETA to enter the territory:

  • Citizens of countries like Brunei, Japan, Hongkong, Canada, Malaysia, sinagapore, U.S.A, and republic of Korea.
  • Travellers who are entering the country for the purpose of tourism, visiting family and friends, business visits.
  • A visitor whose duration of stay is less than 3 months

Australia eta

Procedure and required documents to apply for Australia ETA

A person must be outside Australia to be eligible to apply for electronic travel authorization. To apply for ETA online, an applicant must have the following:

  • A valid passport
  • Credit card
  • Email address

While filling the online ETAapplication form, one must ensure that the exact details as per the person’s passport are entered. The applicant should carry the same passport while traveling to Australia. Any person who has arrived into the Australian territory without a valid travel document or visa will be denied entry or delayed until identity proof is shown.

What can a person do with Australia ETA?

The electronic travel authorization is valid for 12 months from the date of issue. During the 12 months period, a person is allowed to travel to Australia whenever he or she wants. Some of the features of Australia ETA:

  • A person can be in Australia for maximum 3 months on each of his visit.
  • The person cannot work in Australia, but is allowed to take business visitor activities like attending conferences, signing a contract etc..