Poker is one of the most popular gambling games there is. People are often in awe as they stand on the outside looking in at the life of a professional poker player. There are many popular gaming websites like bandar sakong that are contributing to the increasing craze of poker in Indonesia.

There is a consistent increase in rise in the popularity of online gambling and has actually been viewed as a sport in the country rather than just a game. There are millions of people who join this industry since then until now.

A Brief History of Gambling in Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the most beautiful islands of Asia that stretches between two continents Asia and Oceania with numerous islands. Despite of the strict law of the country because of the Islamic culture, still online gambling is bucking the trend in many parts of the country.  Though gambling games have existed in Indonesia since ancient times yet there has been an increasing popularity in the recent times.

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There are many forms of gambling that operates in the country. Bandar Q is a very popular traditional domino card game in Indonesia, since the game is online, you can play anywhere and anytime at your own comfort.

The Rise of Online Gambling in Indonesia

With the rising popularity of online casinos then land based ones are also benefitting from the rising interest among the masses. There are number of traditional games in the country, which is enjoyed by the locals because of their attractive bonuses and promotions. For instance, Domino 99 is a type of traditional card game that is both fun and easy to play.


Gambling is fantastically popular through the country especially after the existence of online gambling. So try your luck on the game and win some real money!