At znaturalfoods, a trusted online store for your health and nutritional diet needs, special care is taken that the fresh and organic produce is packed with greatcare. They make sure to use the innovative andlatest technology so that the nutrients of the food stay preserved till you eat them.

How is the packaging done?

With a lot of emphasis on their packaging methods, follows these steps to ensure that they do not compromise upon anything.

The products are packed in airtight andBPA free zip lock pouches and this makes sure that the freshness of the food stays intact. You can open the pouch and use the food andif you want to reseal it then push out the air so that the food is preserved well. Make sure that the package is stored in a cool anddry place and awayfrom light. There are instructions written on the packaging so that you do it just right.

z natural foods

Z natural foods use the innovative designs on the bags that they use which creates optimum storage. Thebags are also environmental friendly. These are madeusing less material and thus are better alternativesto plastics. Also the drawback with using plastic bags is that in case you want to use the food again you do not have anoption to push off the air. This is possible in the bags that thecompany uses and it thus increases the shelf life of the food.

Why is BPA free plasticused?

Care is taken to use food grade plastics that are BPA free. This is because it is:

  • environmental friendly
  • has a tear strip which is sealed with heat andcannot be tampered
  • the material is light andblocks moisture andhelps toincrease the shelf life
  • it is self-standing and thus can be placedonthe ground
  • the plastic is tear andpuncture resistantwhich prevents any leakage
  • easy to open andreseal

So think no further and alwayschoose the best for your health.