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Date: August 3, 2018

Play Small, Win Big: Bandar Q (The Beginner’s Guide)

There are different kinds of poker scattered around the world. We are familiar with the American poker and the different variations on American poker like draw poker, stud poker etc. Playing poker on the internet for real money is called online poker.

In online poker, we can get a taste of poker played in many different countries of the world like Indonesia, Singapore, and Vietnam.

There are different forms of poker in south Asian countries like domino 99, aduq etc.

How to play bandar q?

Here I am going to talk about the game bandarq. It is a famous card game in Indonesia and different parts of Southeast Asia. To play this game dominos are needed. Domino is a tile divided into two parts it is also referred to as cards. The game is played with 28 double 6 dominos. Maximum no of players that can play this game is 8.

Things to know about the game like adu q:

domino 99

There are 10 series in the game

0 dot series – Each card have no dot on upper or lower side, 7cards total.

1 dot series – Each card has 1 dot on upper or lower side, 6 cards total.

2 dot series – Each card has 2 dots on upper or lower side, 5 cards total.

3 dot series – Each card has 3 dots upper or lower side, 4 cards total.

4 dot series – Each card has 4 dots on upper or lower side, 3 cards total.

5 dot series – Each card has 5 dots on upper or lower side, 2 cards total.

6 dot series – Each card has 6 dots on upper or lower side, 1 card total.

Each player is given two dominos or two cards, the players then bet with the cards. The players raise the bet according to the minimum amount of the table.

Determining the result

The end result is determined by comparing the player’s card with the bankers

To determine the result we must know two rules.

  1. If the dominos number exceed 10 the unit place no is chosen.
  2. If the no of dots of the banker is greater than the player, the banker wins and vice versa.

3 All the players must take turns to be the banker.

If you are into online poker and play different games like this. To play this game on Google, register your name in a good gambling site and start playing.

Best of luck, hope you win.

The Facts about Online Gambling Revealed – Bandar Dominoqq

You must have heard about Travelokaqq, right. It is trending in the online gambling industry globally.There are eight different varieties of games, which can be played with a single ID.It is one the trusted places, where you can register and play.

This is the best online gambling site from Indonesia.  The gambling can be done from your android phone as well as ipad or iPhone. The registration process is extremely simple. You just have to register yourself by filling up certain data and deposit an amount of 25.000 rupiah and you are good to go.

The Registration Process at Bandar Dominoqq

First, you have to select a username and password, and then verify the same. Apart for these, you need to key in your full name, phone number, email ID, referral code, if you have any. After which you need to provide your bank details, like bank beneficiary name, bank account number and complete the process with a validation code.

Situs domino QQ

Promos you can avail

If you refer a friend on Travelokaqq, you get a referral amount in the form of 20% discount. You also have options of getting 0.5% cashback bonus each week.

Gambling at Travelokaqq is the best thing you can do in gambling. It can give to the best experience of online gambling, with real money. All the games that you play under the umbrella of this online gambling company lets you play real time. Real people play the games online and make money. They do not use robots to play the games with you. You can trust its authenticity.Situs domino QQ also, does not allow its admin to play games. It is an open gambling area, where you pay and play the games.

Agen domino QQand other games are your best option for online gambling. So, go for it.